McGovern & Co. have taken steps to protect our drivers while they are out on the road, with the installation of retractable AirBars to our fleet of vehicles.

The world first device, which is made up of a coiled, brightly coloured and highly visible membrane, uncoils from the side of the vehicle when activated and also features flashing bright LEDs to ensure they can’t be missed.

AirBars create a safe working area by discouraging other motorists from getting too close while drivers are working alongside their stationary vehicles with no protection from oncoming traffic. The handy invention also helps keep cyclists safe, by deterring them from entering the drivers’ blindspot.

The British invention can be retrofitted onto both sides of a vehicle and has been proven to cause oncoming traffic to give a wider berth. They now feature on all McGovern vehicles, two per side, as we continue to work towards providing as safe a working environment for our drivers as we possibly can.

MD Andrew Pickersgill says: “We like to pride ourselves on being an innovative organisation, challenging the brick industry to modernise and keep thinking differently.  We’ve done this with the introduction of new technology and by embracing sustainable building products and solutions.  We’re also keen to support other British companies such as Airbars who launch innovative, simple yet effective products, which in this case could even save lives.”