We work with builders across the North East of England so they can be at the forefront of a great construction industry across the region.

Time is of the essence in the construction game and often, things can change in an instant which means potential deadlines can be missed. However, we stock over 250 brick types in our Gateshead yard so that we can provide you with bricks as soon as possible and avoid delays.


Our yard, or "the brick hub", has over 250 variations of brick within it. Yep, you read that right, that's over 2 million bricks!

This means that you’ll never be caught short in need of supplies when time, and bricks, are of the essence and hard to come by.

The vast majority of the time, we can even deliver bricks to your site immediately thanks to our enormous stock. And if for some inexplicable reason we can’t, we have a strong network of suppliers all around the country which means we can drastically cut your lead times.


We know you don’t get paid until the job is done - which is why running out of bricks or other building materials can be a disaster for cash flow.

At McGovern we help you with the delivery schedules and identify the bricks you need, getting them to you so you can get your project across the line with no delays. This means deadlines are met, customers are happy and you keep a healthy bank balance for your business.


It is not uncommon for standard lead times on brick availability to be between 26 to 32 weeks when demand is high. For many builders, this is simply too long to get the job done on time, especially when things change at the last minute and you’re left out in the cold.

But thanks to our fantastic delivery service, you don’t need to worry. We have our own 26-tonne truck and can deliver vital supplies to you all around the North East. And the best part? We also offer next day delivery so rather than waiting half a year to get the bricks you need, you can get them within 24 hours and crack on with the project you're working on.