Because who wants a patchwork house? We’ve all seen houses with a really bad matching brick as the extension, so that’s why we’ve put brick matching at the heart of everything we do.

And that’s not just blind arrogance talking, it’s a confidence that comes with having 72 years of experience in the building trade and having a quite frankly scary knowledge of bricks. It also helps when you’ve got a couple of secret weapons in your arsenal, and by that, we mean Grant, Paul and Steve - AKA our “brick encyclopaedias”.


First of all, we have Grant, who has well over 28 years of experience at matching bricks! This has enabled him to develop a rare gift of knowing pretty much everything there is to know about bricks! He’ll tell you the factory, year it was made and any other pieces of trivia you’d like to know about your chosen brick. He’ll also be able to give you the perfect match on any brick you show him.

Then there’s Paul, who’s been with us for 27 years! This has given him an unrivalled knowledge of bricks, meaning he can name nearly as many as Grant! The competition in the office is fierce for ‘best brick match of the day’! 

Steve joined us from a national brick supplier, so he already knows his stuff and shares our passion for sustainability! Steve has a wealth of knowledge around embodied carbon, environmental product declarations and use of carbon efficient building materials. He’s also another whizz at brick matching!

So even if it’s not in stock or in production anymore because it’s so old, we can guarantee to provide you with a brick match that is indistinguishable from the brick you’re after. Seriously, their knowledge of bricks is amazing.


Don’t believe us? Challenge us today! Simply send us a brick pic (or two) and we’ll tell you where it’s from and the year it was made. We’ll even brick match it for you if it’s out of stock. All you need to do is send us a couple of photos of the brick in question, and our brick encyclopaedias will do the rest.

We’re not joking by the way… You can literally send us some pics of your bricks and we’ll get back to you with all the info you need.



All jokes aside, although we are being deadly serious about the challenge, if you have a specific brick type you want to emulate but fear it’s not in production anymore, or if you need a simple brick matching service but have been unable to get a proper service, get in touch with McGovern today.

We guarantee to provide you with the perfect brick matching service so you can get the most out of your project with the brickwork of your dreams, no matter how rare or difficult they may be to source.

Simply drop us an email at with pictures of your beloved brick, call us on 0191 469 3004, or fill in an enquiry form today.