Our Managing Director returned to the brickyard in 2020, with McGovern having a special place in his heart. His role is to make sure the business continues to develop and grow by identifying new and innovative product lines, and he also helps nurture and support the team. Andrew is often found at the centre of conversations around sustainability and how we ‘build’ a better future.


Our brick-mad Sales Director is Grant, whose knowledge of bricks is insurmountable after 28 years in the game. You won’t find anybody quite like Grant who absolutely deserves his title of ‘brick encyclopedia’! We’ve tested him many times whilst driving down the street and he can name every brick going. Want to test him? Send him a couple of photos of your brick and he’ll be able to tell you where it came from, the year it was made and much, much more!


Another brick encyclopedia - Paul is brilliant at brick-matching and brick-sourcing for our clients. His knowledge of the industry and years of experience make him fantastic at his job and a real asset to McGovern. Well known across the country, Paul often guides home owners wanting to find the perfect brick for their dream home.


Steve joined us from a national brick supplier, so he already knows his stuff and shares our passion for sustainability! Steve has a wealth of knowledge around embodied carbon, environmental product declarations and use of carbon efficient building materials. He’s also another whizz at brick matching!


Joanne is our sales admin extraordinaire and business development coordinator. She’s been with McGovern & Co since 1987, so it’s fair to say she’s an expert in the industry and knows her way around the place!


Steve is our operations manager who deals with transport and logistics, and he’s been with us since 1998. He’s one of the best in the business and has worked extremely hard to make sure the company stays a leader in the industry over the decades, making sure bricks go where they should in the most efficient way possible.


Maureen is our vital cog behind the scenes who makes sure everything is in order and on time. She takes care of everything as our Sales Ledger expert, from invoicing to banking and more, keeping everybody in check as she goes.


George runs the warehouse and takes care of getting you the best brick available for your project. With over 2 million bricks in the yard and 250+ variations, it’s fair to say he’s a vital part of our team.


Since joining as Finance Manager, Alex has already showed us all a few new tricks and how to do things better. Alex loves finding ways to help the business maximise its effectiveness and improve processes so we can improve our value to clients. He is set for a fantastic future with McGovern and has already made a massive impact.